I tried to warn her. I told her to be nice.
I called her a bitch and she called me a junkie.
Listen kids, I’ve been to Colombia.
There’s weed everywhere! And it’s worthless.
I’ve also been to Canada and after two hits off a tiny pipe,
I was in another world man!
I guess the good shit’s shipped up north and right now,
I’m on the border, in Laredo, TX,
at the International Bridge of Colombia,
where all that good passes.
And here, no one even smokes it
(the K-2 is loaded off US trucks).
Now I kinda question that Canadian kush.
I’m an activist for marijuana. It cures epilepsy.
They say this altered herb is causing kids to seizure.
I guess my experience could be classified as a seizure
but let me tell the story, and you can decide.
So I’m lying in bed, and lying next to me
is the craziest little thing I’ve ever seen.
We met a few months ago, while I was heading south.
And of that 1st encounter, I’ll detail nothing more
than one night, smoking spice.
I was completely awake and completely aware,
but I could not stop my legs from moving.
The episode passed, and I passed on into Mexico.
This episode was much more intense, much more lucid
and included an even more profound feeling
of a complete and utter lack of control.
The bed’s become a prison,
and invisible restraints are forcing my legs to peddle.
On the opposite side of the room (on another mattress)
are two Latin Americans. They appeared at my campsite
in the early a.m. and are visiting while their backs dry.
I can see the words floating down to me from above
(like thoughts slowly rising to the surface).
I’m speaking out loud, announcing to the crowd
that I’m a prophet.
I tell them my legs are going to stop moving,
and that we’re all about to be...
Along with my legs, time itself has slowed,
and I do not know what the next word will be.
Will we be freed? Released from our prison? Enlightened?
Or killed instantly?
I decide it’s time to take control and rise from my mattress,
twisting my legs and destroying the invisible machine
by which I’m imprisoned.
I slowly back out of the door (still unable to control my actions),
yelling to my friends,
“You all have to leave the room. You have to escape.
You’re all going to be...”
Control of my body has returned, and the panic has suddenly ceased.
I glance at my surroundings and then peak back into the small room.
My female friend is lying on the ground,
with her nose planted firmly in the corner. 
It seems, when I broke free from the machine,
my friend was thrown against the wall, killing her instantly.
Ding, Dong, The bitch is dead and like I said, I tried to warn her.
I wanted to flee the scene, not go to prison
because I killed some chick with a muscle spasm,
but I knew it couldn’t be real, so I entered
to ask my Mexican compadres what had just happened.
They informed me that I was talking
and moving my legs in my sleep.
They said that my lady friend got upset, got up from bed
and got comfortable on the floor.
Later, I asked if she could recall what I was saying that night,
but she said she was sleeping.
In fact, apparently, she didn’t remember anything.
She too was moving and talking ‘in her sleep’.
However, while I was aware of almost everything and more,
she was conscience of nothing.
A day later, the owner of the long unused M&M Meat Market
showed up to let me know that my favorite little camp site
on the border would be boarded up.
I talked him out of another 24 and during that final night,
I had a conversation with my female friend
(without opening my mouth).
I then relocate camp, figuring on another 4 or 5 weeks of cold weather
to get to know the gate keeper.
So this chick’s always talking to herself,
and yes, she does answer back.
♫ I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed, ♫
I figured she was just thinking out-loud
but as I got closer, the voices increased.
♫ Get along with the voices inside of my head, ♫
The conversation was an indignant argument
(which I suppose I did win).
As she spoke, to herself and to me,
I simply allowed the voice in my head do the debate.
Eventually, she caved, threw herself against the pillow
and growled a goodnight!
♫ You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath, ♫
My final thought: You have to understand girl,
I’m just here to write a book.
♫ And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy, ♫
And she rapidly arose and spat, “So am I.”
♫ Well, that’s nothing. ♫
In the morning, while waiting for the sun to rise,
I recounted that final argument, informing my friend
that she had informed me that apparently,
she’s a co-author of my book.
She had a wonderful day at work flying a sign,
making more money than she had in some time.
♫ Two trailer park girls go round the outside. ♫
That afternoon, a connection was explained to us by a third party.
♫ Now, this looks like a job for me, ♫
I heard her say, “It’s good you didn’t keep it to yourself.
That’s why she did so good today.”
♫ So everybody just follow me, ♫
The girls eyes widened as she then said (to that third party),
“Oh yeah! Like a royalty check.”
♫ Cause we need a little controversy, ♫
I must have misunderstood,
as I suggested she meant to use the phrase ‘cash bonus’,
but she explained that a royalty check is received
for contributing to a artist’s creation.
♫ Cause it feels so empty without me. ♫
It was a scream!
A dazy, dittle drug induced daydream,
With my lazy, little lady lyin’ next to me,
Rockin’ out on the rhythm inside of me;
And she’s like, Baby please!
Don’t stop with the inner-ear ecstasy,
‘Cause you’re drivin’ me out of my sanity,
Gettin’ down on the dance floor fantasy;
It’s  was diseased!
Apple of my mind’s eye alchemy,
And all I wanna do is creep and cry out to sea,
Like a fed up feenin’ phoenix flyin’ out to eat;
A serpentine!
Snakin’ and awakin’ my capacity,
A radioactive tenacity,
To blow this world on up into next week.
I’d previously provided a place where kids could comment.
I’ts gone, but I would like to discuss a couple of comments
from January, 2014.
♫ Well, I don’t know why I came here tonight. ♫
Nam suggested that I open an area on my website,
so that others can leave their stories too.
Sounds great Nam... Let me see what I can do...
♫ I got the feeling that something ain’t right. ♫
And, as yet to read my book, so-and-so let me know,
that I’m using the word prophet incorrectly...
♫ I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair, ♫
With lots of cute quips, equipped and cued,
why don’t we discuss the word prophet.
♫ And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs. ♫
‘In religion, a prophet is an individual who is claimed
to have been contacted by the supernatural,
serving as an intermediary with humanity
and delivering this new-found knowledge.’
♫ Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with you, ♫
Quite often, a definition can be over-simplified.
The word ‘genius’ is a prime example.
♫ And I’m wondering what it is I should do. ♫
I’d been utilizing the label for over a year,
before even learning the meaning.
♫ It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face. ♫
At a family reunion, a few years ago, I was speaking to someone
and said that I was a genius.
♫ Losing control, yeah I’m all over the place. ♫
I heard a couple on the side lines:
“Oh, Jerry always thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.”
♫ Trying to make some sense of it all, ♫
“I never said I was smart,” I retorted, “I said I was a genius.
It has little to do with intelligence.”
♫ But I can see it makes no sense at all. ♫
They snorted and continued making fun behind my back.
♫ Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor? ♫
Now, as far as I’m concerned, as long as people are talking,
I couldn’t care less if it’s good or bad. Just keep talking.
But in fact, that little family feud
lead to one of my greatest moments
of personal self discovery.
♫ ’Cuz I don’t think that I can take any more. ♫
It was later that night that I created my ‘Genio Promo’
in which I say, “I don’t know if I’m a genius amongst the people,
or if God was the Genie that granted my wish.”
Once again, ignorance has lead to my enlightenment.
♫ Clowns to the left of me, ♫
Most people, portraying a prophet, will pronounce
‘someone who can see the future’. 
In this definition, ‘fortune telling’ is not included.
I am a ‘prophet’, because of the ‘genius’ within me.
♫ Jokers to the right, ♫
But this chapter’s been dedicated to Hershey,
so let’s see what my coauthor has to say.
About a week ago, I was strolling through a shopping plaza
and had a conversation with a woman.
We discussed the word prophet and she made the statement,
“Well then, we are all prophets.”
And I unwittingly agreed, “Yes, in their own way,
each person is a prophet.”
However, later that night, I had another heated conversation
with my friend’s invisible friend.
♫ Here I am, ♫
It ended with Hershey shaking her head, saying with a smile,
“Geniuses, Geniuses, Geniuses.”
♫ Stuck in the middle with you. ♫
In 2012, touring the US, I tore a tendon.
I was on the east coast, near Savana, heading north.
Within days, I could not walk five minutes,
before a sharp pain would bring me to my knees.
There was a really rough week
not worth much more than mentioning
but in the end, I loaded my lame butt on a bus
to visited my brother in Tennessee.
That next morning, the pain was gone.
9/11/2008 - Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars
aligned in the sign of Scorpio.
Perhaps the universe was pulling whatever trick
to prevent me from traveling north.
Maybe my body was bawling, requiring relaxation,
or my sibling was mentally calling,
for want of a conversation or perhaps it all happened,
so I could meet Ozzy Milligan.
I was waiting at an on-ramp (just outside Nashville)
the day after parting from my brother’s home.
I was not supposed to walk on the interstate
and had already met the cops.
I’d been standing still for over an hour
and was getting very frustrated.
I was at the point of giving up and starting
a very long walk down a county road,
when a pickup turned to enter the highway.
I threw up my arms and the driver pulled over.
He was travelling all the way to Dallas and happen to pass
not twenty miles from my home town.
Because of Ozzy Milligan, I spent Mother’s Day, 2012 with my family.
It is expected planet Earth, her people & virtually all life,
will begin her new 4D higher vibrational existence,
her new fourth dimensional life, in early January 2014.
There’s a phrase that I’ve heard a number of times
in the last two years, “These things are all on timers.”
Please know that this moment of change to 4D will happen
‘in the blink of an eye’.
This change to 4D life will be instantaneous.
There will also be some pockets of 5D, fifth dimensional, vibration.
Be assured that it will be an even more colorful
and far more beautiful reborn world.
The first driver, running along a fruit farm,
was referring to the automatic irrigation system,
and it took me a minute to realize what the guy was talking about, 
because I was distracted,
contemplating the synchronization of the last few rides.
All other times I’ve heard the phrase,
the speaker was actually referring to the synchronicity.
Also keep in mind that 4D, the fourth dimension,
is a journey inward toward the complete expression of love...
Love for each other and love of self.
During the course of this evolution, toward a life of love,
please remember to forgive.
After visiting my brother in Tennessee,
I decided to head off and hang out with Ryan Venti.
My meeting Mr. Milligan fortified that fate,
although I didn’t hear from him again for some time.
California didn’t work out how I’d hoped,
and I was quite frustrated as I fled the state.
That frustration continued to grow, as I tracked
some damning distances crossing the country.
By the time I reached Illinois, I was nearing the point of explosion.
This journey from 3D to 4D can also be expressed
as male/intellectual/logical energy
& outward expression focused on the ways of the mind;
transitioning to the more gentle expressions
of female/giving/intuitive energy
focused on the ways of the heart.
The ways of peace, of giving and of love.
My week in Fayette county was the result of that frustration
and when released, I wanted to quit.
But the will to care less and carry on
was received in an email while I was incarcerated.
Ozzy Milligan happen to have written to say Hello
and to remember, “These things are all on timers.”
PS: A friend later explained to me that there is no such thing as a forth dimension.
He says that it’s 3.1415... It’s not a full dimension.
It’s a fraction (or even a ghost) of a dimension.
♫ Halfway between the gutter and the stars. ♫
During the first of February, I had a dream.
It ended with a female telling me to go to El Paso.
When I first met Hershey, she’d mentioned wanting to visit New Mexico.
♫ Don’t be shocked by the tone of my voice. ♫
As I awoke from this dream, she was already wide awake,
lying next to me, talking to herself.
♫ Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice. ♫
The morning went no more slowly than usual
but when I tried to return home, I entered a bus.
♫ Listen to the sound of my voice. ♫
I made an announcement, explaining the website
and showing a couple of colorful examples.
♫ You can check it on out, It’s the weapon of choice. ♫
I asked for cualquiera apoyo, a little change, a few dollars,
“Pesos sí sirven. Es para mexico.”
♫ Walk without rhythm, It won’t attract the worm. ♫
I heard the driver calling for my attention,
“You need to ask permission.”
♫ If you walk without rhythm, You never learn. ♫
“That’s OK,” I called. And as I located my seat,
I made an alternative announcement.
♫ So you can blow with this, ♫
“Noventa cinco punto siete cinco por ciento
de los niños del mundo van a morrir de hambre.”
♫ Or you can blow with that, ♫
“Pero gracias a dios que no necesitaremos a ellos,
ya tenemos los robots.”
♫ Or you can blow with us. ♫
I don’t know why my friend talks to herself but sometimes,
I just do it to draw attention. And that’s exactly what I did...
“It’s OK, I understand, there are too many people here anyway.”
I saw something go left.
“Then why? Do you hate these people?” I saw something go left.
“Do these people hate you?” Something went left.
“Then what? If you don’t hate each other,
then why are you going to kill all their kids?”
I saw nothing go nowhere, gave up, got quiet
and overheared a conversation from behind.
It was a woman discussing a child,
autistic and half retarded (her words, not mine).
♫ Organically grown, Through the hemisphere I roam, ♫
It seems all Hershey and I ever did was fight
and by the 14th, I was fed up. So I flew the coop.
♫ To make love to the angels of light. ♫
I made it a mile, made $20 and made it back to camp
to spend Valentine’s with my sweetheart.
♫ And my girl, I guess she just don’t understand, ♫
As the day ran on and I ran errands, I kept saying
(to myself, God, the writers or whatever),
♫ It’s gone beyond being a man. ♫
“I’m just back for one more day. I’m not taking her with me.”
♫ As I drift off into the night, I’m in flight. ♫
“It would take a miracle to change my mind.
A miracle would have to happen tonight.”
♫ She’s a boy scout, No doubt, ♫
In the early a.m., I was awoken,
when my female friend jumped up in bed startled.
♫ But I’m gonna hold my cool, ’Cause the music rules, ♫
She started scrambling around,
waking up the entire family (in her head).
♫ So groove on, Check it out. ♫
Apparently her daughter had gone into labor.
I’ve heard the Eskimos have about a hundred words for snow.
I guess that’s because there’s a lot of the stuff.
That’s funny; The Latin Americans have two words for overpopulated:
‘Sobrepoblado’ and ‘Superpoblado’.
But I’m only telling you all of this, so I can talk about the words:
‘Miracle’ and ‘Supernatural’.
The Supernatural is that which is not subject to physics
or figuratively, that which is exists above and beyond nature.
A Miracle is not ascribed to human power or the laws of nature
and attributed to a supernatural or divine agency.
The word ‘miracle’ is often used to characterize
any beneficial event that is statistically unlikely
but not contrary to the laws of nature,
such as surviving a natural disaster
or simply a ‘wonderful’ occurrence, as is birth.
OK, so the supernatural is above nature,
and a miracle is attributed to the supernatural.
Well, every single second of every hour of everyday
is obviously controlled by a higher power.
So by definition, every moment is a miracle.
When I asked for one, I guess the supernatural
had to fall back on a more ‘familiar’ example.
To be honest, I think the girl just wanted another royalty.
We’ll have to wait and see.
In fact, it’s my understanding
that I’m not even halfway through this story.
So, in case this thing turns out to be a trilogy,
let’s talk a bit about the Trinity;
Let’s see; There’s The Father (God); The Son (man);
And then out of thin air appeared a Holy Ghost.
Since then, the son’s come up with all kinds of crazy creations;
Devils, Demons, Angels and Aliens;
But the Trinity remains: Creator, Creation and Connection.
An aspect of this ‘new age’ philosophy
is that the creator and the creation are the same.
Suddenly a connection is no longer needed
and the ghost disappears.
But once again, this is nothing new.
Prior to Plato, all beings were part of the same Being.
When the woman said, “You’re part of it too,”
what could she have meant by ‘it’?
Does ‘it’ mean the creation? Is the woman not also part of ‘it’?
Are the questioner and answerer not part of the same thing;
The same ‘it’? And here’s where ‘it’ gets complicated;
The voice in my head. Did I not create the question?
Logic, ego and a desire for control assume that the answer is obvious.
But, believe it or not, you may not be the owner of your own thoughts.
In fact, you’re not even in control of whether you believe it or not.
I silenced a house party in Popayan,
by thinking the word ‘Zeitgeist’ loudly and dramatically.
I’d no reason to do this. I wasn’t telling a story
and adding emphasis for effect. It was a thought.
Perhaps, this was that now, as I tell the story,
I get to add emphasis for effect.
And when my girl said Geniuses times three,
she wasn’t just going on about me.
She was indicating the combination of the communication
of two or more together.
The bible mentions two or more together;
Says that that’s when God gets involved.
But that ‘Footprints in the Sand’
says you only see one set as God is carrying you.
So that bit from the Bible’s a bunch of bull.
Or at least our understanding of it.
I’ll let you know if I come up with something.