Conocí a Ryan Venti en 2011, I met Ryan Venti in 2011
en el sur de Texas, subiendo in southern Texas,
y fluyendo desde California. ryzin’ and flowin’ from California.
Saliendo de 7-11 con un café, Steppin’ out of 7-11 with a coffee,
me encontré con este filántropo I found this fascinating
fascinante regulando volantes philanthropist furnishing fliers
para promover su mensaje musical. to promote his musical message.
Compartimos una breve charla We shared a short interjection
incluyendo la música, la magia, involving music, magic,
el misticismo y los mitos, mystics and myths,
Pero estábamos destinados but were each destined
en diferentes direcciones. in different directions.
La reunión se fue en 2012. The reunion was in 2012.
Grabamos una versión We recorded a rendition
de ‘Quetzal’s Comin’, of ‘Quetzal’s Comin’, 
y volví a la carretera. and I returned to the road.
Los hijos de puta me tenía Dumb sons a bitches
durmiendo en zanjas had me sleepin’ in ditches,
apretando mis pantalones, tightnin’ my britches
piel quemada perdida, and losin’ sunburnt hide,
en el camino caminando al lado. on the road walkin’ down the side.
Sin un signo de un alma a la vista. Not a sign of a soul in sight.
It’ll be a sensation; Planets linin’, Clocks a tickin’;
Some solid socialization; Capitalism isn’t stickin’;
A unification of the nation; Half the 3rd world hunger strickin’;
And a new world ordination; Hungry hippos finger lickin’;
A five for eight point co-creation; Ronny’s ready revolution;
Celestial synchronization; Political party, Pardon, Snoozin’;
Good, Great God’s goat-head formation; Activistic and amusin’;
The devil’s depopulation; Loosin’, Crusin’ for a brusin’;
Eyes wide open, Soon we’ll see; They wrote a book, I’m sure you read it;
Blindly binded to TV; The widest screen is where it’s headin’;
Bought & sold & E-trading; Lost the farm before you bet it;
As Facebook docs the family tree; Missed the mark after you met it;
And next it’s simple sound psychology; Quetzal’s comin’, Dare I said it;
Un-open-ended free philosophy; Carefree friction, Then forget it;
A Mayan mind melt made atrocity; Cannibalistic eagle, Fed it;
A manifestering destiny; Dianetic and copathetic;
Por cierto, Hablando del camino: Speaking of the side of the road:
En el desierto oscureciendo, In the desert one darkening day,
un dia, con sed, sin agua, without water, while wasting away,
yo oré: I did pray:
~Dame un aventón ahorita “Give me a ride right now,
y estaré agradable, and I’ll be nice,
repartiendo libremente. flaunting the fliers freely.”
~Nada... Nothing...
~Bueno. Dame un aventón “OK. Give me a ride now
y estaré codicioso,  and I’ll be greedy,
cuidando el regalo guarding the gift
para una donación delicada. for a dainty donation.”
~Nada... Nothing...
~¡MUY BIEN! ¡Dame un paseo! “FINE! Just give me a ride!
¡Y no voy a cambiar nada! And I won’t change a thing!
¡Solo haré lo que quiero! I’ll just do whatever I want!
¡Cuando quiera! whenever I want!”
~Y mi aventón oportuno And my tailored lift
al lago salado llego. to the Salt Lake landed.
I need the society to support me, Feed me & Fuck me & Let me go;
The authorities can report me, Stick me or Suck me, then Let me go;
I need the ladies to love me, Learn me & Luck me & Let me go;
The truckers to truck me, Duckers to duck me, Muckers to muck me & Let me go;
I’m in contemplation of a sensation, A touching temptation let me go;
A passing flirtation, A fascination, A frustration let me go;
I’m running a race & Loosing face; The fame I’m chasin’ let me go;
I’m departing a place, Improving the pace, An unintentional taste & Let me go;
I’m perceiving a friction, Freein’ a fiction, Make it stick & Let me go;
I’m seein’ a suction, A reduction, & It sucks, so Let me go;
A downright deception, A sloppy selection, A filtered affection, Let me go;
Got a place to improve, & People to move & If it’s not you, Let me go;
I want a world for the we, The you and me, & It’ll be, just Let me go;
I’m not down on my knees, I’m flyin’ free, So let me be & Let me go;
I’m forgetting a fraction in my action, The reaction made it so;
To the east I flee, We will see what will be, Don’t let me know, Just let me go;
Recibí un buen viaje   I got a good giddy-up
De una chica en Misuri, From a gal in Missouri,
Y le dije que era un misionero. And told her I’s a missionary.
Ya estaba en África She’d already been to Africa,
Y entonces le dije,   So I’s like,
~Bien. Técnicamente, Soy un profeta.   “Well, Technically, I’m a prophet.”
Y Ella se Echó a Reír con Ganas! And She Laughed Out Loud!
A pocas millas me enteré, A few more miles and I find out,
Al parecer, la mujer perdió el control,   The reason the woman lost control,
Porque como se comenzó su viaje, Is as she began her journey
Esa misma mañana, That very morning,
Ella había pedido a Dios, She’d actually asked God,
A presentarse con un profeta.   To present her with a prophet.
Un poco más tarde me dijo, A little later and the lady’s like,
~Bueno, tal vez es un profeta falso. “Well, maybe you’re a false prophet.”
Esta maldita hembra   This freaking female
tiene suficiente fe en su padre has enough faith in her father
Para solicitar su segundo hijo, To solicit his second son,
Sólo para dar la vuelta   Only to turn around
y llamarle mentiroso...   and call him a Liar...
I’m not the One who called me a Prophet;
First was a Treat on the Street in Panama;
Una Vieja en Cartagena; And a Coasting Teen on the Richest Coast;
God Given, When the Title was Told; It was Willed with a Warning;
That to the World, The Word would Confuse;
People I can Not see the Future; And I Cannot Save your Soul for it;
I’m just a Writer willing to See what I’m Writing;
And I Am not here to Confuse; To Elude or Occlude;
I’m willing Also you to be Willing to Will with Me;
to See, you See, as alwayS;
It’s just an Influence; Part of an Interesting Illusion;
A Social, Psycho Seclusion; And all you See is Included;
I know It all Sounds Insane; Resulted Play in the Game;
Not after Fortune, just Fame; and All You Need to Know is my Name.
The ‘Mayan Mind Melt Made Atrocity’ is referring
to the infamous end of the Mayan calendar.
Much like a sun dial or analog clock,
these classic calendars were round.
And just as 12 midnight is 0 o’clock for the next day,
the end of the 4th is the beginning of the 5th.
The Apocalypse is not the end of the world anyway.
The word’s Greek and means ‘secrets revealed’.
The ancient Indian devices, designed to track time,
have nothing to do with Armageddon.
But the calendars of the Aztecs and Mayans
may have much to do with the apocalypse.
The ‘transition of worlds’ is a representation of our world
transitioning from an age of darkness and ignorance,
into an age of light and enlightenment;
An Illumination or Revelation of Secrets.
The elimination of superstition, religion and division;
An emancipation of envy and greed;
The fulfillment of every need;
And the righteous ridding of racism against each and every creed.
The fear’ll be forgotten; The wars will not be fought;
And every nation’ll be praising the power of peace.
And each and every individual will gain a greater understanding
of a personal power to create;
Comprehending a connection
to the whole of which we’re a section;
And from ‘God’ we will no longer separate.
✟ Genesis 1:14 ~ Let there be lights in the sky
to separate day from night, ✟
I got the same western chart,
As little prophet Luther Martin;
And in a split it’ll all be lit,
With the wisdom I’m a partin’;
In the East I’m a stallion,
With a yellow dragons wing;
The creative receiving the receptive,
And I can read, write, rap and sing;
The Mayans even have their astrology,
And they say that I got a connection;
To the greater, higher consciousness,
And you can see it in every reflection;
Now that my 3rd blind eye’s been open,
I see some shit some just don’t see;
And what I’m tellin’ ya dear, Is that those birds you hear,
Them birds are talkin’ to me;
✟ And let them serve as signs
to mark sacred times, and days and years. ✟
“I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad; I got sunshine in a bag.”
Many are familiar with these lyrics.
“I’m useless, but not for long; The future is coming on.”
I assume that most listeners naturally assume
that the word ‘sunshine’ is referring to marijuana,
However, I believe a deeper meaning
is revealed in the second verse:
“The essence, the basics; Without it you make it;
Allow me to make this; Childlike in nature;
Rhythm, You have it or you don’t; That’s a fallacy;
I’m in them; Every sprouting tree; 
Every child apiece; Every cloud at sea.”
At the moment I discovered the secret lost keys of Babylon,
“The genius in the crowd” was announced.
And though I am the most creative, intelligent
and marvelous man you may or may not have met,
the Latin root of the word ‘genius’ is defined as:
‘A spiritual entity that is within every living creature.’
This ‘genius’ a/k/a ‘The Spirit of God’, ‘Gaia’
and ‘The Creative Force’ is the ‘string’ in ‘String Theory’,
the ‘law’ in the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the ‘Christ’ in you.
And it’s also the ‘I’ to which Del Tha Funkee Homosapien is referring.
However, the harmonic herd discerned a detail
escaping even Wikipedia: ‘Every cloud at sea’.
This spiritual entity, this ‘genius’ is not only in every creature,
but it is within, without, above, below and beyond 
everything in existence. And every word ever muttered,
every thought ever thunk, every philosophy,
every religion, every story, every song
and everything else that ever was, is and will be,
is one plumb perfectly positioned puzzle piece.
Annoyed, in Illinois, after visiting the village of the Vandalia Vandals,
I continued east, following the 40 fixed for Effingham,
but before crossing the county line, frustratingly far from Effingham,
I proclaimed a particularly putrid parent as an effing-moron,
and got to spend a week with the faded, cluster-fuck, Fayette clownty-cops.
I needed the rest, and I met another Ryan
(the leader of the block, whether wanting it or not).
A year older than myself, Ryan was born in 1977
and he explained that throughout the years,
the number 77 would constantly catch his attention.
He noticed it everywhere; In the street; On TV;
And recently, by adding the ages of his siblings.
Numerous number games and of course, the famed chain 7-11;
And until me, he was never even aware of the attacks of 7-7.
In fact, this was the original inception of my own rising attention,
regarding the number 78.
Recently, Ryan has been noticing other interesting synchronizations.
He’d mention a certain type of food item to his cell mates,
and it would be served for dinner.
Bring up a movie, and it would be presented on TV that very night.
There are various theories trying to explain what this is.
Some say reality is a creation of the mind.
That the pizza was served because Ryan thought of it.
But if the Italian treat was already on the menu that morning,
it would have been served that evening,
whatever food item the cell mates were discussing.
I offered the idea that the synchs happened so he would notice them,
preparing him to meet me and donated a book with which I had entered
(about using team building to build the mind).
The next morning, I was liberated and shoved off for Chicago.
El 7 de Julio de 2005; On July 7, 2005;
Los trenes de Londres fueron The London trains were demolished
demolidos por lo que fueron by what were later labeled
etiquetados como ‘bombas suicidas’. as ‘suicide bombs’.
En las semanas previas a los ataques, In the weeks leading up to the attacks,
el ejército local (junto con la BBC) the local military (along with the BBC)
estaban haciendo juegos de guerra, were performing war games,
una simulación de las bombas a simulation of the effects of bombs
detonaron en el metro de Landres. detonated about the London subway.
El ejercicio estaba en marcha This drill was occurring
en 7.7.2005. on 7-7-2005.
Lo mismo ocurrió The same thing happened
hace algunos años a few years earlier
en los Estados Unidos de América. in the United States of America.
Durante unas semanas For a few weeks
previas al 11.9.2001 leading up to 9-11-2001
‘Ejercicios de Norad’ ‘Norad Drills’
estaban llevando a cabo.   were being conducted.
El ejército de EUA orquestaba   The US military was orchestrating
una simulación de cómo responder a simulation of how to respond
si los terroristas iban a volar if terrorists were to fly
aviones contra edificios altos,   airplanes into tall buildings,
incluyendo las Torres Gemelas. including the Twin Towers.
Esta simulación fue And this simulation
en operación en 11-9.   was under operation on 9-11.
Se fue una causa de la confusión This was a great cause of confusion
en Norad, el departamento militar in Norad, the military department
diseñado para prevenir tales ataques.   designed to prevent such an attack.
También fue una gran oportunidad It was also a great opportunity
para localizar y utilizar todos for the leaders to locate and utilize
los hoyos en su propia defensa.    every hole within their own defense.
After Chicago, I had to hike some 250 miles crossing Indiana,
back into Illinois, now travelling west on the US-40.
In Illinois, all non-interstate roads come equipped
with a sloping shoulder made of gravel.
These can be very difficult to walk
(especially 20 miles at a time),
and so I didn’t.
During my second night after crossing the state line
(somewhere around midnight),
a mindless motorist made a call to the cops to let them know
that I was “walking on the white line.”
One of the awful officers approached, ran me through the ringer
and before letting me go, he let me know the next road to the right
would take me to I-70, where there was a truck stop.
He claimed the next community a full 15 miles away.
I held my tounge, rolled my eyes and took the turn.
During the mile hike to the highway, the bottom on my left shoe fell off.
As I limped toward the gas station, I noticed a man changing a tire, 
shredded because of a blowout. I grabbed a cup of coffee 
and asked another man how far it was to the next town (Casey).
He said 6 miles. I again rolled my eyes, made a comment about the cops
and gave a howdy to the guy with the flat.
Suddenly, the fellow from whom I’d asked directions,
drove up and asked me if I wanted a ride to Casey.
As I entered the auto I said, “It’s funny.
That guy blew a tire and I blew a shoe.”
I explained, and he asked my shoe size.
I told him that I wear size 13 (that’s right ladies).
Before driving me to the next town, he stopped at home
and gave me a pair of size 13 running shoes.
Now, if someone had not called the cops,
I would not have known about the fuel station.
If the officer had not informed me
of the incorrect mileage to the next town,
I would not have energetically asked the distance to Casey
and would not have received the ride,
nor the nice sneakers that I’m now sporting.
And don’t get me started about this guy wearing 13’s.
And that poor man had to change a tire,
just so I’d have my little line about my own blow out.
Later, I received a ride to St. Lois, headed south
and immediately met Matt on his maiden voyage.
I showed him a few ropes of the road and before the days end,
we were picked up by people packing a pickup with a pack of packers.
Before long, I was back in Texas, ready to rest and update my book.
For my final free Friday at home,
I’d desired to do a deep and detailed drudging
of downtown Dallas in Deep Ellum,
But during the distance drifting downtown,
I was delayed at a Denny’s, Drinking demitasse,
Dallying for a downpour to desist,
And it did not. In fact if flooded for a fortnight.
OK, so maybe it wasn’t quite that long,
But still, I spent the entire weekend under cover,
Out of sight and out of mind,
To which a Dictum now comes:
‘I just cant win for losing’.
I remember a club in Mexico, Not long ago, Probably Acapulco,
While traveling with the ambassador.
The bar was open, Not that it mattered,
Michael had everything covered.
I was bewildering the bar by supplying the fliers selectively.
The kids like that, Makes ‘em feel special,
Especially the ones who can think,
He picked me, Over my friend, Or that girl on the next table.
We exited to find a bite and as I alone attempted to re-enter,
 I was refused, hearing too full from the doorman
and “You’re making too much noise!” from a woman in the crowd.
Naturally, Not Talking to Me.
More recently, In a neighborhood up north,
I’d a couple of days to kill while waiting for my ride.
It was a small settlement, Resided by retirees,
And I quietly covered that quaint community,
Taping to trees, Walls, Windows, Light posts, Parks and Playgrounds.
And the very next day a tornado touched down.
It tore apart neighboring neighborhoods and in this town,
it left a trail of wet crumpled up pieces of paper.
This time, the rain arrived before me, Instead of after.
And now, Out of time, I’m outta here.
Alguien una ves me dijo Someone once told me
que la mente funciona mejor, the mind works better,
el más fresca que es el clima. the colder the weather.
No me gusta la idea, I don’t like the idea,
ya que no me gusta el frío, as I don’t like the cold,
pero ya creo que es verdad. but I believe it may be true.
Desde que entré en México, Since I first entered Mexico,
hace unos 8 años, some 8 years ago,
los signos siempre the signs have always
han apuntado a Veracruz, pointed to Veracruz,
como el lugar especial para vivir. as that special spot to stop,
pero creo que esto fue but I believe that this
para hacerme pensar   was to get me to thinking
en algún día asentarme. about someday settling down.
Porque no podría haber ido peor, As it couldn’t have gone worse,
cuando por fin aterricé   when at last I landed
en la ciudad perezosa. in the lazy town.
No voy a perder el tiempo, I won’t waste yours and mine, 
que detallando lo.   detailing the time.
Sólo te diré que me fui, I’ll only let you know that I left.
brincando el frío duro. Hurrying to hurdle the harsh cold,
Me había olvidado completamente   I’d completely forgotten
de Querétaro. about Querétaro.
Pero como llegué, dispuesto a pasar, But as I arrived, prepared to pass,
me salió del autobús a   I exited the bus into a most
un clima más cómodo y sabía comfortable climate,
que mi revolución estaba cercana. and knew my revolution was at hand.
I go up to a group of adults, deliver my language line
and one man already speaks French, “Parle vous Française?”
I roll my eyes and explain that I do not want to learn French.
I want a Spanish speaking girl speaking French to me,
and I’ll be very happy.
But he continues making fun, in French, while the others are laughing.
I begin yelling as loudly as I can,
while the man passes inches in front of my face.
I call the guy every Spanish cuss word that I can think of.
Screaming that GOD has sent me to his PINCHE country,
to help his PINCHE children,
and all he knows to do is show off his PINCHE ego.
In the hotel that night, I discovered that someone
had ripped the album ‘Medulla’ by ‘Bjork’. 
The headphones didn’t even work, and I could barely hear the music,
but her voice was coming across perfectly:
♫ Do it now. Do it now. Shake us out of the heavy deep sleep. ♫
La policía de Querétaro The cops of Querétaro
llevan en sus abrigos carry on their coats and cars
una estrella de seis puntos. a star of six points.
A diferencia de la fuerza federal   As opposed to the
con sus siete puntos, seven pointed federal force,
estas policías están these 6pt police are well trained
bien entrenadas y educadas. and well behaved.
Después de dos semanas, After two weeks in the city,
ellos me encuentran I was confronted
pero no estaba arrestado.   but not taken in.
Le digo que mis papeles estaban I explained that my papers
encerrados en Laredo. were locked up in Laredo.
Fue una mentira, pero me creen.   It was a lie, but one they buy.
Dos días más tarde Two days later,
me fui para entrar legalmente. I hit the road to reenter legally.
Ayer, el primero día   Yesterday, the 1st day
de la primavera de 2013, of spring 2013,
me llegué a la frontera I arrived at the border
para descubrir que en 2011,   to discover that in 2011,
sí estaba deportado,   I was indeed deported,
y que diez meses mas   and that ten more months
permanecen en mi restricción.   remain in my restriction.